A virtual reconstruction of some of the most important monuments of the Silver Route, which allows to interact with other visitors of the site, with direct talks in real time. 
Walk with your friends through some of the main cathedrals of the Silver   Route and chat with them while visiting them, or know the Forum and one the streets of what the city of Astorga was in Roman times. 
You can also make an aerial flight through the different stages of the Roman road, from Merida to Astorga.

Instructions for virtual worlds:
  • Enter the virtual world 
  • Select and download the worlds you want to visit (the first time it will take a while until the programs necessary for navigation are downloaded, automatically and securely. Be patient, afterwards every time you enter, the download will be faster).
  • You can put as user name you choose.
  • Meet your friends in virtual worlds and chat with them as you show them to  them or walk through them. 
  • On the menu DESPLAZAMIENTOS you can choose to visit the interior or exterior, in the case of cathedrals, and the walk down the street or the Forum, with the exact location of Aedes or the Ergastula of the Roman Astorga.
  • CONTROLS are the arrow keys and right mouse button.

Instructions for the virtual flight over the Via de la Plata:

  • The virtual flight over the Route is done by selecting any of the stages and automatically initiates an air sequence. At any time you can stop, move backwards for forwards according to your interests. In this flight you will see each of the towns which the Route passes through  and the approximate location, of all currently known milestones.